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  • Fresh Approach.

    Colorado Springs Staffing brings a fresh approach to to aligning employers with the right mix of talent through specialized staffing services that integrate our clients’ business needs with our candidates’ career goals.
  • Talented Job Seekers.

    We help candidates navigate through the workforce maze to find the right employment opportunities and to achieve career and personal goals.Whether you are interested in a permanent position, temp-to-hire position or ongoing contract assignments, we can assist you in getting on the proper career path.
  • Changing the way businesses hire.

    The current economic situation is changing the way businesses hire and what they are looking for in new talent.
  • Creative value added services.

    We are quick to adjust to the ever-changing employment market and offer creative value-added services.

Colorado Springs Staffing Facts


Project Staffing:  A development strategy to help manage workload fluctuations.

Contract-to-Hire:  An approach that enables you to evaluate contract employees before committing to regular employee status.

On-Site Managed Staffing:  A customized and focused staffing strategy with our personnel and systems on-site at your facility.

Direct Placement:  A plan that takes advantage of our recruiting resources and network to identify well matched employees to fit your business.

Payroll Services:  A cost savings solution that outsources the payroll process, including employer related work and unemployment worker’s compensation claims management.

Colorado Springs Staffing Selection Process

Colorado Springs staffing provides our candidates with tools to help them be successful in today’s workplace. Our programs are proven to increase productivity, and reduce turnover resulting in a more reliable and productive workforce.

Our candidates are screened for positions as directed by our customers and evaluated through a multi step selection process:

Initial Interview – Screens candidates for past work experience, education, and general suitability for a position.

Skill Assessment – Colorado Springs staffing tests our candidates for the necessary skill sets that are required for the specific position. Examples include: Microsoft Office, Data Entry, Behavioral Tests, Interactive Contact Center/Sales Tests, Light Industrial Assessments & our proprietary hands-on Forklift skills evaluation as well as many others.

In Depth Interview – In order to more fully assess as candidate, a second interview is conducted. Our goal is to determine how a candidate’s past behavior in the workplace impacts their opportunity for future employment with your company.

Client Based Orientation – This step enables Colorado Springs staffing to review the assignment with each candidate, discuss the requirements and determine the appropriateness of each placement.

Placement – A meeting occurs with each candidate who signs the client Orientation Guide to acknowledge their understanding and commitment level to the assigned job.

Account Management – Our customer and each of our contractors is assigned an Account Manager who serves as the main point of contact. This level of accountability ensures that we address the needs of each both accurately and in a timely fashion.

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